Water Damage Restoration, Flood Cleanup &
Fire Damage Repairs, Del Mar

We work hard during every step of the restoration process to return your home—and your life—back to normal. From the initial clean up to repairs to the final touch of paint, our team has you covered.

Are you looking for water damage repair in Del Mar?

We are here for you and more than able to help you out in a timely manner. We realize how frustrating water damage can be but do not worry, it can be fixed! At Emergency Water Damage Del Mar, we offer only experienced crews who know how to restore your home or your commercial building back to the condition it was in before the water damage happened.

Whether you have water damage in your Del Mar home or business, every minute that passes can cause even more damage. Soaked wood will warp and swell leading to further damage that, in the long run, will cost a great deal more. Understand, water migrates under your sub-floors, through your walls, and gain entrance into other rooms. Without seeking professional help to remove the water, mold will easily develop causing serious health conditions to your family or employees.

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Water Damage Del Mar


The longer you wait after water damage has occurred, that damage can accumulate. When water invades your wood floors or carpet, call us and we will take care of the water removal with water extraction tools immediately.


Flood Clean Up Del Mar


Flood damage can be extreme and must be dealt with as quickly as possible. We have all the necessary tools that will remove the excess water invading your home so that your property will be restored to its original condition.


Fire Damage Del Mar


When fire damage happens to your property, restoration is the next course of action. Dealing with the aftermath of a fire, no matter the level of damage, is critical. We'll even remove smoke odor and soot. Our service is 24/7, so call us immediately.


Mold Damage Del Mar


Mold damage can happen slowly over time due to water or moisture in your home. We possess the necessary tools and expertise to locate mold growth and commence remediation immediately to protect your health and property.


Next Steps To Restore Your Property

  24/7/365 SERVICES
We guarantee a trained restoration specialist will respond to your fire or water damage emergency within 30 minutes or less. We also love to answer questions!

When our representative arrives at your property, you'll be provided with a free estimate and visual inspection to evaluate the scope of damage so that work can commence asap.

After the cleanup process, we’ll use specialized equipment to fully dry floors, walls, and ceilings in your home. Let us handle the heavy lifting to save you money and stress.

We won't be satisfied until your home looks as if nothing had ever happened to it. Our team will rebuild your home, repair any damages and sanitize when necessary.

Expert Water Damage Repair Del Mar

Through our years of experience, we work with every insurance company to help keep your costs down while providing you with a service to bring your home or facility back to the condition it was in before the water damage. We are proud to service the Del Mar and San Diego area to relieve you of the water damage that you have experienced.

Every second counts when you experienced flooding and/or water damage in Del Mar. The longer you put it off handling the water invasion, the greater the water damage will be. We are here to help you 24/7, 365 days a year. If you are suffering from water damage in your home or business, give us a call right away! We will come out to your location immediately with our emergency water damage crew standing by within the Del Mar area. They will quickly respond to your emergency to turn your life back around. We know all too well that emergency situations happen very quickly and are completely out of your control. Sometimes the best way to stop water damage from happening is to get the problem fixed the minute you see water. We are here to get your home or business back to normal.

Why Should I Call A Water Damage Company When I Can Just Dry It Out Myself?

There are many misunderstandings and myths surrounding water damage inside homes and businesses. Let's cover a few:

Many people do not realize they have insurance policies that are designed to cover these situations by removing water. Insurance companies cover both minor and major water damage. There are many occurrences that can cause water damage, some are natural disasters while others are from faulty appliances. Your toilet backs up, your dishwasher overflows, the washing machine springs a leak, you have broken pipes behind your walls, in crawlspaces or in your basement. This list goes on and on!

If you're lucky, you will be present when these situations occur and you can shut off the water source to minimize water damage. Unfortunately, in many other situations, no one is around when problems erupt and these often are not discovered until it's too late. This can happen in a matter of hours or even days!

If these emergencies have occurred it is imperative that you get professional help for water removal. Let's face it, water is a sneaky little devil! You will discover a room that is extremely wet and it must be dealt with before it spreads into other rooms. You might think that this room is the only place where the water traveled to, but you'd be surprised to learn that water will be found in every corner, every crack, and every cranny it can run into. This can lead to serious saturation of your sub-floors, water has been trapped behind your walls, and has traveled to other rooms. You must reach out for professional help immediately or you run the risk of bacteria formation, followed by mold growth which will cause further damage to your floors and walls.

About Us

Emergency Water Damage Del Mar is a professional restoration company that was formed to serve people in the Del Mar area by our team of certified, experienced and qualified specialists and representatives. We are determined to meet and exceed all the requirements for people requiring water and fire damage repair, restoration services, and mold remediation.



For a full restoration, there are several steps involved. The first step will be cleaning, drying, and removing water from damaged areas. This process will typically take from 3 to 4 days to complete. The second step is making repairs that can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks, depending on the level of damage and the acquisition of materials such as carpet, cabinets, and flooring materials that will be needed. Your restoration manager will work with you and your insurance company to put together a time frame for the entire project from the removal of damaged items to repairs to your property.
Costs will depend on the size and extent of the damaged area and the time that will be needed to take care of the situation. If your insurance covers water damage, you will probably only be responsible for the deductible. Keep in mind, water does not stand still, it moves and can very quickly destroy even more areas if not removed in a timely manner and with the right equipment. There can also be other issues such as mold and structural damage that will have to be addressed as well. This can take several days and extensive man-hours to get the job done.
Flood damage can certainly cause mold growth. Mold prefers moist environments, any place that is wet and particularly humid. If you ignore moisture, there is a high risk of mold forming within 24 to 48 hours. It is critical that you get immediate help when your property is damaged by flooding of any kind.
Damage can be caused by a number of factors. You need to contact a professional company to repair your water damage. Damage can be caused by extreme rainstorms, leaking or burst pipes and the malfunction of appliances. Other flooding can take place due to a leaking roof, damaged gutters, and downspouts that will cause flooding in your basement or crawlspace.

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