Fire Damage

fire damageYou have just been through a fire, we know how terribly devastating the experience is. Not only will you have to deal with this unexpected nightmare, but it's stressful just knowing that you must get a fire damage recovery team to your property as quickly as possible. Give us a call at Emergency Water Damage Del Mar, our certified technicians will come out to your location, assess the situation, and provide you with the very best service in the industry. We are leaders in water, smoke, and fire damage cleanup in Del Mar, CA.

As soon as you call us, we will begin the fire restoration process for your property. Our technicians are available 24/7 because we realize you never know when disaster will strike! We will respond to your call quickly and provide you with a free estimate for restoration. Do not hesitate to call us morning, noon, or night – we are here to help you out!

When a fire breaks out, a great deal of water is used to put it out. After the fire department has left, your property needs to be dried out, including the structure as well as your belongings. Keep in mind, the longer water sits around, the more damage will happen and the less likely you will be able to salvage your belongings. Sitting water will cause greater damage to your home or business that can lead to added costs and the stress you are undergoing will increase.

Everything Starts With A Plan Of Action:

Depending on the extent of the fire damage, we have a plan that will include our professional treatment to get your property back in good condition. Removal of the smoke, soot, odor, fire damage, and water cleanup are always a part of the recovery plan for your property.

Once your property has been stabilized, we will inspect your structure and belongings to determine what is salvageable and what is not. We use certain techniques for handling damaged items and valuables safely and can determine what can be repaired and what should be disposed of. Our goal is to restore your property and belongings involved in the fire while saving you a great deal of money and time.

Our highly skilled technicians understand fire damage conditions and will restore many of your items and possessions that you might have thought were beyond help. We are here to help you move forward in your life from this terrible disaster that you are going through at this time. We want to ensure your home will be a safe and healthy place to return to and will be very clean.

Our experts have the techniques, equipment, and products to save many of your favorite items, but realize there will be items that cannot be saved. You should contact us as soon as possible in order to ensure many of your belongings can be saved.

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Our Fire Restoration Process:

After a disaster hits, call us as quickly as possible to restore your home and property. Our technicians are fully trained to assess the damages and develop a plan for restoration. They will always take the right approach to help you recover. Restoration from a fire is a complex process that must take place in a certain order. Never try to do this on your own, give us a call and let the professionals do the work the right way.

We are a family-owned service with 150 years of combined experience. We are certified, licensed, and insured to perform the steps for a full restoration of your property. We guarantee that when we have completed your restoration, you will be able to return to your home and know it is not just stable, but sanitary as well!

Removing The Smell From Fire Smoke:

Removing the smell from smoke is a difficult process that will only succeed if you have the skills and knowledge, along with the best industrial products. Our service will fully restore your home to a place that is completely free of fire smoke and its odor. We have the equipment, products, and know-how to effectively remove the smell of smoke from your home. We will clean, dry, and deodorize your entire home or place of business in a timely manner and do it right the first time.

When our technicians complete their job, there will be no lingering odor anywhere. Your house will smell great thanks to our deep cleaning and thorough applications that we are very proud of.

We Clean up Soot From Fires:

At Emergency Water Damage Del Mar, we provide the very best, professional service to restore your home or business along with your possessions from water, fire, smoke, and soot damage. You can rely on our team of experts to clean up soot that is presently all over your home and on your possessions.

Until you have been there, you might not be aware that fire leaves behind an oily residue that is known as soot. It will settle into your furniture, carpeting, walls, and will even end up in your ventilation system. Soot contains acid and this acid is very destructive over time. Preventing further damage begins with our cleaning process, which we do as quickly as possible keeping soot from claiming all your items and furnishings. You can rely on us with our years of experience, fully trained, knowledgeable team, and state-of-the-art equipment to get the soot out of your home or business forever!

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